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Do You Care for Yourself?


Ten years ago my life was in a state of confusion, and I mean all aspects of it – physical, mental and emotional well-being in jeopardy. I was in search of answers for simple questions: “Who am I really? Why am I here in this world? And why should I suffer?”

This search took me from Mt. Rainier to the Himalayas and all possible avenues in between, from Wine to Divine, Hollywood to Bollywood, Left to Right, North to South, West to East and back to West, straight to Vancouver, British Columbia. As if it was meant to be, I landed in this scenic city in 2006 for the perfect climax in the drama of my life.

Within four weeks of my arrival here, I had met a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Sunita Bapooji (www.sunita.ca). I went to her with scepticism and the same questions. I explained all of my problems and disasters of my life. She did not show much interest in people or events in my life. She asked me one simple question that blew my mind, “What are you doing for yourself?”

That one question revealed the path into the eternity of existence. I was here in Vancouver for a short trip and now after 10 years there is no looking back. And then she asked me if I wanted to practice a program that she pioneered called Sookshma meaning “Micro.” I hesitatingly took four Sookshma sessions. I started to notice a tremendous change in my life at all levels. I had health issues that were resolved within weeks; mentally I have become one pointed, focused and crystal clear. Emotionally I have become very balanced. I started to experience immense calm and serenity both inside and outside. The drama of life did not seem to affect me anymore even though I am an actor in it. I have found the treasure within myself, the infinite gold mine. All these years I wanted to create, innovate, make it big, with name, fame, and money; but as I dived deep into my microcosm, I found many jewels, diamonds and riches that are incomparable to anything outside.

The essence of the Sookshma program is to dig deep within our Microcosm and figure out who we really are. This inner journey has been prescribed by many cultures all across the globe, by many seers, gurus and saints alike. But what Sunita had done was quite unique. She extracted all that ancient wisdom and packaged it into a small, subtle microcapsule called Sookshma, tailor-made for the modern hectic life style. She says, “Yes, there are many rules, rituals and regulations from ancient times, many paths to care for the self, but everyone is busy and has no time.”

Yes, we are all caught up in the rat race of life, in a generation where everything is instant. For such a mindset which is wavy, wary and wimpy, Sunita created Sookshma to empower yourself by “You”. She puts “You” in the center light. She removes all the unnecessary clutter from the mind and matter while taking you on an adventurous journey into your own self. And in this path you get to see yourself in a mirror, visit all the hidden dark corners filled with vices and the brightest of your side filled with virtues. Sookshma is to shift from Vices to Virtues. In this, sometimes dreadful, journey she steps into your shoes with pure empathy, she holds your hand and walks with you compassionately, she sings the lullaby like a mother, she feeds you with not just the best food for the mind and body, but more importantly the Pure Love and Pure positive vibrations that nourish your heart and soul.

I have seen many who have come to her with suffering of many kinds, simple to complex physical ailments, mental blockages and emotional trauma. But all have left with not only solace to their souls, but discovering the innate power within to transform and steer their lives towards making their dreams come true.

We are all so curious about everything outside, but forget the most precious resource that we are. We are bestowed with two amazing tools to create miracles in our life, the Mind and Body. Instead of sharpening, nurturing, caring, cleaning and beautifying these tools inside out, we are busy with everyone and everything else out there in the world. There is nothing wrong in indulging in the external world, but equally important is the internal world that is in fact the foundation of our life. Sookshma is learning to balance both.

We forget to care for the resource, which performs innumerable functions without our knowledge, from a single cell zygote in the mother’s womb to becoming this complex body filled with trillions of cells. Each cell in our body is continuously working without a break, helping us in our day-to-day tasks. But are we showing any gratitude to these amazing friends of ours, who only know to give us anything we ask for? We put our Mind and Body through so much stress and turmoil in our lives. They cope with all that we dump in them and everything that we demand of, yet with no complaints, only to falter when the imperative disease hits us with surprise and shock. We neglect these greatest gifts and run after external gifts that fade off with the passage of time. Sookshma is to start with the self, no matter what happens in life, caring for the self, loving and smiling for the self, showing appreciation and compassion to the self.

With the inspiration derived from my inner revelation and trans-formation, I have cofounded a non-profit organization, Peace Tree Society www.peacetree.ca to share the Science and Wisdom behind Sookshma and empower the entire human race to live life at a peak potential and unleash the power hidden within us. My background in Medical science, Technology and past 10 years of tutelage under an ancient master like Sunita helps me simplify the complex knowledge so that a common man can easily understand and implement this simple, subtle way of life.

In a series of articles, I shall be sharing my journey of Self-realization, and many other aspects of Sookshma and its marvels.

No matter what, Love the Self, Purify the Self and “Be the Change.” When you become Pure Selfless Love, all that you see around is Love, just like a flower whose inherent scent becomes fragrance for humanity.

No matter what, Love the Self, Purify the Self and “Be the Change.” When you become Pure Selfless Love, all that you see around is Love, just like a flower whose inherent scent becomes fragrance for humanity.


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