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The developmental profiles of chiThrough my article in the last issue of AAJ magazine, I hope you attained some insight into my Sookshma journey with Master Sunita and how her emphasis on taking care of our Self leads to a life full of abundance. Now, let’s take a glimpse at Sunita’s life and journey of empathy as an innocent child that lead her to becoming the Savior of many lives.
Born into a large family in South India, Sunita was the tenth child. She was a curious introspective spirit with a million questions on her mind, always in tune with her surroundings. She loved nature and her favorite haunt was the quiet rooftop terrace, where she could see the mountains, talk to the clouds and the birds that made their home above a window sill. Her best friends were the Sky and the little baby birds that she kept company until their mum came back to feed them. She noticed how hard the bird parents had to work all day to constantly feed their young, and learnt about the power of unconditional love from her little bird family. Rain or shine, she spent long periods of time with the vast limitless Sky, and constantly imagined her soul flying. These were probably her first meditative experiences. This is where her journey into Infinity began. This affinity for embracing the Universe paved the way for her to become an embodiment of Infinity while helping many more to experience the boundless power within.

Every morning, she would wake up to her father’s chanting of religious scriptures like the Pothana Bhagavatham, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavad-Gita. A very disciplined and traditional man, he would explain to her the essence and the lessons one should imbibe from them. Sunita eagerly lapped up all his teachings about the timeless wisdom of the ancient texts.  Her favorite literary heroes were Ekalavya, who infinitely surrendered to his Guru, unhesitatingly cut his thumb and gave up his archery skills to obey his Guru’s command; amd Prahlada, whose love for God was so strong, that it saved him from his own demon father. Sunita found solace relating to such ancient souls and felt that there were people like her in the past times who were personifications of pure love.

Before heading off to school, she would observe the beggars who came home daily for leftovers. She would look deep into their eyes and question why some were nice souls who would be grateful for what they got, whereas others were greedy and never willing to share. She would try and change the ones who listened to her, teach them about hygiene, and how taking a shower more often in the village lake would help them feel better and healthier. She always tried to find opportunities and elevate everyone around her into better human beings. Sunita’s journey of Empathy and Equanimity to fellow beings started at a very young age.
When she was around five years old, Sunita had an interesting experience in her parent’s Pooja room. It was a big room with some old metal trunks on the sides for storage. Big diyas (lamps) were lit every day for prayers. After prayers, her parents would offer Prasad (food offerings) to God, leave the room and close the door for a few minutes. She asked her parents why they had to close the doors. They told her that when no one was there in the room, God would come, touch, and bless the offerings. This explanation made the little girl very curious, so she decided to sneak into the Pooja room and closed the door behind her so they wouldn’t know she was inside.  She wanted to see if God really would come, and if he did, she wanted to ask him not to take her old parents away from her too soon. Being the tenth child, she played with her eldest brothers’ children who were all around her age. Thus, at a young age, she learnt about old age through observing her parents, and her elder siblings’ families. She developed this fear of losing her parents soon, since they were older than other parents around her. While she crouched behind the trunk, she stared at the burning lamps. As she stared, the lamps suddenly multiplied and surrounded her. The firelight became intense and she felt like she was burning. At that point she screamed and fainted. Her parents heard her and came running into the room. Once they revived her, she felt like she had gone through some sort of transformative moment. Were those lights really dancing around her, or had she just stared at the lamps for too long? Her family was concerned and wondered why this child was so different from the others, but her father seemed to understand her. He said, “Sunita is a special child unlike the others.” She realized that God is not outside and he does not actually come to the Altar and touch the offerings. Her questioning search for God began here.
During festivals like Navaratri, wandering minstrels or holy men called “Hari Dasas” would visit her home to perform their religious song and dance dramas. Her father used to encourage them and listen to their devotional ballads. Sunita used to sit there and listen. She was gifted with a melodious voice and used to sing for them. After listening to her sing, they would put their garlands on her, bless her and tell her parents that she was no ordinary girl.

If her father had to go to the fields to tend to his crops, she would constantly worry about the snakes on the forest path he had to take to get there, and she would pray for his safe return. She was always filled with empathy for anyone around her, an unusual trait for a young child. Her empathy knew no bounds. Even though it seems like it started with her father, beggar friends, birds and friends, eventually that pure empathy grew and has become the source of her infinite power of the Self and affinity to Universal energy that she brings out in her students. It is the foundation of her program “Sookshma.” Sunita says that Empathy is to feel another’s pain, but Divine Pure Empathy is to feel and absorb the other’s pain and relieve them from suffering and that can only happen when the soul merges with Universal energy and becomes one with it.

In my decade long Sookshma journey, I have been a witness to what ordinary people would call Miracles and the basis for those miracles as I understand them today is the Pure Empathy of the vibrations of a person who is deeply committed to sharing the secrets of wellbeing and rejuvenation by developing one’s innate pure potential. The vision of Sookshma is Wellness and Oneness, and with her guidance many have discovered the joy of knowing one’s true Self, leading a life in bliss no matter what life throws at us.