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Who is Robin Dhir? He is a strategic advisor, property developer, philanthropist, mentor, motivator, husband, and father.

Mr. Dhir the son of Punjabi born parents, was born in Vancouver and raised in Burnaby, British Columbia. After graduating high school with many bursaries, trophies, and awards, he attended Simon Fraser University and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. His children are now attending his old elementary and secondary schools. It is yet to be determined whether they will eventually apply to SFU, or UBC, where his wife Rena graduated from Commerce with an Accounting degree.

Mr. Dhir, a successful businessman, holds onto the values bestowed upon him by his father. He believes in giving back. Mr. Robin Dhir himself has built his success based on honesty, hard work and determination, which has led to success in many areas of his life. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Dhir has “lived the dream.” The dream was built from learning how to consciously make good choices from a very early age. Mr. Dhir set goals and worked diligently to ensure those goals were not only achieved but exceeded. He is definitely not done in that department, as he is reviewing other business opportunities as well. “Who needs sleep, it is so overrated!”
As his parents before him, Mr. Dhir believes that his success should be shared with others and the less fortunate, which is why he is directly involved with many charities and boards. Over the years Mr. Dhir has helped raise millions for many causes and charities. His focus is to support groups that focus on children. His brainchild, the A Night of Miracles (ANOM) gala is now in its 8th year, with all proceeds to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. This is the first and only Black Tie Gala in the South Asian community, and by the end of this year’s gala, ANOM will have raised over $4 Million for BCCHF.

Robin Dhir has been visionary in finding opportunities to engage groups to do good things in the community. He was a founding Cabinet member of the Business Laureates of BC Hall of Fame, which raises funds for Junior Achievement of BC. Millions have been raised to educate the next generation of business leaders, primarily in the high school system. He was part of the original committee to launch the Pants Off Vancouver event, which raises funds for Prostate Cancer Canada and the Vancouver Prostate Centre, to name a few.

Mr. Dhir, is a man who stands for something so much bigger than all that he has achieved in his life. At present, he is a highly sought professional, Strategic Advisor to Fasken Martineau, and President of Twin Brook Developments. He is a man who gives back whenever he can. From a young age, he too has taught his children to also give back. “If you’re passionate about something, get engaged,” says Mr. Dhir. Mr. Dhir believes that his life is fulfilled and enriched largely due to his family and involvement within his community.
During my interview I noticed many wonderful motivational sayings:

“I didn’t go looking for these positions, but in many cases they landed in my lap.”

“Be proud of your strengths; build the inner strength to go conquer what you want.”

“If I can’t jump in with both feet, I won’t do it. How do I transfer knowledge?”

Mr. Dhir wants people to get motivated. He believes that we should all give back, not only monetarily but with our time. We as members of a larger community should be involved in ways that motivates us. Making a positive impact is on the top of Mr. Dhir’s list as he believes that we should be creating a legacy… a legacy people will remember.

A man whose mentorship will create leaders of the next generation, it is people like Mr. Dhir, who through their own skill set and knowledge, will give their time willingly in a way that has a trickling effect: unleashing greatness within others.

When I asked Mr. Dhir how he defines success, his simple reply was “a good night’s sleep.” We elaborated to say that when he has had a productive day and feels that he has impacted someone’s life in a positive way, he has achieved something that day. “When people do good things they can feel at peace.” He starts all over again the next day.

Mr. Dhir’s rule for joining a Board of Directors is straightforward. He will join a Board if he can give to the Board in a way that brings value when he contributes his time and expertise. He also believes that it should give something back to him for his own personal growth. He adds new skills to his skill set; skills that he can pass on to others or learnings that can be used in other situations.

In November of 2009, Mr. Dhir and his wife Rena had the great pleasure of meeting members of the Royal Family, namely Prince Charles and his wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, when they were invited to attend a reception held at the Olympic Village. Robin was able to share information about the real estate market in British Columbia with Prince Charles, along with details about his involvement in the BC, construction and development industries.
More recently, in September of 2016, Mr. Dhir had the privilege, once again, to attend a reception held at Government House in Victoria, in honor of the next generation of Royals, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate. When I asked Mr. Dhir what he took away from his conversation with the Duchess of Cambridge, his response was that he felt humbled to see the reinforcement of their engagement in society and with social issues. This conversation reaffirmed for him that one can be of royal descendants and still give back while taking positions on social issues.

Mr. Dhir advocates that we all have a role to play in giving back to society and to seek real change; to make giving back about other people. It is important to find out what other people are interested in.. Mr. Dhir’s true passion is to help and inspire children. He continually strives to give in a way that fosters a new generation of people that values the importance of giving away their time to a cause that is greater than themselves.

In summary, Mr. Dhir believes that as British Columbians we all need to work together to achieve a better result. We need to share our knowledge and skills with others. Mr. Dhir does not hold his skills or knowledge back. He advocates to connect people so they can connect ideas and get involved and give back together. “We can not expect that government will do everything for us. We need to be proactive and manage our health, finances, family, business in an orderly fashion and not just expect that government will be there to clean up the mess for us!” We didn’t even delve into Mr. Dhir’s political activism. We will leave that for another talk in the future, as we are not done profiling him. Who is Robin Dhir? He is a strategic advisor, property developer, philanthropist, mentor, motivator, husband, and father.

“Be proud of your strengths; build the inner strength to go conquer what you want.”

Making a positive impact is on the top of Mr. Dhir’s list as he believes that we should be creating a legacy… a legacy people will remember.