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Your Anti-Aging Prescription


Aging is a natural process that we all will experience, guaranteed. In order for it to be a positive experience, we have to understand what aging is and how to better facilitate the changes in our body as we age.

Normal aging occurs when old cells start dying at a faster rate than new ones are generated.  Since the body’s tissues have a smaller supply of cells to draw upon, they begin to degenerate and malfunction. This process happens to everyone, there are no exceptions; it’s simply a natural part of life.

In my experience, it’s not aging that most people are concerned with, it is premature aging.  And to many people, premature aging or old age, is synonymous with ill health and disability.  That’s unfortunate, because most of the diseases we associate with aging – arthritis and other painful conditions, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, digestive problems, frailty, depression, sexual dysfunction, and fatigue – are NOT an inevitable part of growing older. These so-called age-related disorders are mainly caused by lifestyle factors, such as diet, exposure to environmental toxins, lack of exercise, and stress, along with genetic susceptibilities. If you are young or middle-aged, you can prevent many problems by changing your habits now. If you are older and are already experiencing health difficulties, it’s not too late to bring balance and harmony to your bodily systems.

In recent years, we have come to understand more about the highly reactive kinds of atoms or molecules called free radicals. In many cases, free radicals assist the body by destroying invaders, producing energy, and helping to carry oxygen through the bloodstream. When they are present in overwhelming numbers, however, they attack healthy cells, sometimes destroying them or mutating their DNA. When cells die before their time or are damaged, the normal aging process is accelerated, and the body becomes vulnerable to ailments and diseases.

It is becoming more and more difficult to keep the number of free radicals in the body down to a healthy level. Many aspects of modern living, including unwholesome diets and exposure to pollution, tobacco smoke, environmental contaminants, and even the sun, put us in contact with more free radicals than any previous generation every encountered, and it is just going to get worse. Luckily, nature has equipped us with the means to neutralize free radicals in our bodies.  Substances called antioxidants accomplish the task, and they’re found in many fruits and vegetables and in some herbs. A combination of healthful eating, combined with antioxidant supplements and wise living, can prevent excessive damage from free radicals.

So the key really lies in being mindful of our lifestyle choices. Getting in regular exercise, reducing stress levels, eating a balanced and healthy diet, and supplementing where our diet may be lacking in antioxidants and nutrients, may be the key to helping restore wellness and balance into our body. As we get older, the more mindful we must be about our lifestyle choices.

Anti-Aging Prescription:

  • Resveratrol – Take 250 mg daily. May activate anti-aging genes in your cells. Also reduces cellular inflammation.
  • Green Tea – Green Tea contains a rich source of antioxidants and substances that assist detoxification. Drink the organic tea regularly (2 cups or more daily), or take 500 to 1,500mg capsule form.
  • Fish Oil – Take 1,000mg of EPA and DHA daily. Fish oil supports the health of genes in aging.