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About Us

Our Focus

When we at AAJ Magazine say “Reflecting Today, Shaping Tomorrow”, we’re talking about how our magazine is known for thought-provoking journalism. We tackle serious issues such as abuse, violence, politics, community issues such as casteism, personal safety, women’s rights, and important medical stories such as emotional eating, anxiety, and autism. We strive for the freshest, most important stories affecting our world at the moment in every department from business, politics and law to culture, family, and fashion. AAJ also highlights the positive stories in our community such as role models, up and coming stars, as well as inspiring individuals. We add some intriguing profiles and lighter, entertaining stories such as a story about the film industry to the mix to keep things interesting, and in the end and a copy of AAJ Magazine always translates into great leisure reading!

Our People

Some of our previous issues of AAJ have featured stories on people such as Sean Bindra (a local with a big mission to stop bullying), Kevin Howlett (Vice President of Air Canada), Manjit Minhas of Dragons Den fame, the King of Bhangra Jazzy B., Lisa Ray (well known for her role in Bollywood/Hollywood), Herb Doman (South Asian Pioneer & Lumber Baron), Sunny Deol and Dharmendra (legendary Bollywood actors), Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan, and many more. Our stories hold a national appeal – we’ve written about topics such as airport security, the Komagata Maru apology that took place in Parliament, voting, taxes, post-secondary saving, and so much more. This is because we have a team of talented, recognized writers such as Salim Jiwa, Suresh Kurl, Jordan Bateman, and Sunny Mangat.

Our Audience

AAJ’s primary target audience is South Asians aged 17-39, but we have readers as old as 45. Although our primary target audience is South Asian, our staff and writers are from a wide array of different cultural backgrounds, and our magazine is aimed at a wide audience that welcomes people from all cultures to read AAJ.